This case study outlines the step-by-step process of a long-term client that has seen a very steady increase in traffic to their online forklift academy website. We will go through the exact process we took to take this company from 455 visitors to 15.8k visitors per month.

We also helped this company go from one location to 10 locations during their time working with Juiced Digital. 

The Challenge 

This website was loaded with problems when the client came to us. When we took this client on, they had a backlink profile that was hurting their rankings, thin content, and a few technical issues which are the 3 main pillars when it comes to a fantastic SEO campaign. 

That said, Juiced Digital does not stand down to a challenge. We knew we had the knowledge and power to help this company grow into a multi-location franchise and we decided to go through with it. 

This company was expecting a 10X increase in website traffic in under a year..

Looking at the amount of traffic potential there was for Forklift Academies we knew it was possible but it was a challenging task. We started off the campaign with an in-depth keyword research strategy to ensure they weren’t missing out on any opportunities. 

Keyword Research Strategy

Below is a representation of the overall keyword growth for this company. Year after year we were able to 4X their organic keyword growth rate. This resulted in more keyword opportunities as the campaign continued. 

This company came to us with a very minimal amount of keywords which was one of the reasons they weren’t seeing any traffic. To be able to spot new keyword opportunities can make a huge difference. 

We were able to spot thousands of keyword opportunities for this company which helped them scale past their competitors by a landslide. We used tools like Ahrefs and Sem Rush to find these new keyword opportunities and to really hone in on whether it was realistic for us to rank for them. 

Link Building Strategy 

Spammy Back Link Disavow

We started our backlink strategy with a full backlink analysis of their current links pointing to their site. We noticed a few spammy backlinks that were unnatural and were definitely hurting their chances in the rankings. 

We used ahrefs to evaluate any and all spammy backlinks to the site. These links can be extremely harmful to your rankings which is why it is important that you have professionals build links for you and not do them yourself. We used Google’s backlink disavow tool to remove any and all spammy links. 

We then began the process of building high-quality relevant backlinks to their site which gave Google the proper signals of authority and trust. 

Here is a representation of their backlinks growth since working with Juiced Digital. 

After the Backlink Disavow, we increased the amount of referring domains by 352%. The links we built were quality and therefore gave Google the proper signals to reward this company in the rankings. 

Increase in Traffic Value

Below is a representation of the increase in traffic value since this company started working with Juiced Digital

We saw a 14.1X increase in traffic value. $32,570 would be the amount they would be paying if they received this traffic through paid ads. 

This means with a budget of $2000, Juiced Digital was able to save this Forklift Academy $30,570 every single month! 

Delivered this company results that they could never have expected. An amazing campaign and an amazing company that will be working with us for years to come.