The Vancouver SEO Agency

The Vancouver SEO Agency is here to take your website to the next level with our proven strategies. We implement the highest quality on-page, off-page, and technical SEO strategies to ensure a high volume of targeted traffic is driven to your website.

On-Page Optimization

Before we implement any off-page or technical SEO strategies to your website, we ensure your on-page SEO is up to Google’s standards. We will do a full on-page audit that will break down what keywords you need to rank for and what content your ideal customer is looking for. This will in turn, increase the user experience and conversions on your website.

Technical SEO

Once we are finished with a full audit of your on-page SEO, we will move on to the technical side of things. We will ensure the back end of your website is easy to navigate for the Google spiders by implementing an XML site map, adding structured data markup, fixing duplicate content issues and so much more to ensure Google understands what your website is about. This will in turn tell Google that your website is relevant to your niche and therefore drive targeted organic traffic.

Off-Page Optimization

Once we are all finished with your on-page and technical SEO, we will move on to Googles most important ranking factor, BACKLINKS. After we have done a full backlink analysis and have identified any harmful links that could be hurting your website. We will disavow those links and move on to our link building strategies. We will be doing outreach to the most relevant blog, article, guest post, and website networks to negotiate a link back to your website. This will in turn give Google the social signals it needs to rank your website for the relevant keywords your company is going after.